The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association based in Chennai, India, represents the wind turbine manufacturers in India, It is the only Association recognised and approved by the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES), India, The Latter has included the Association in major policy/budget related and decision making processes related to wind energy in India, especially CWET. Set up in 1997 as a registered society, its main aim is to promote and protect the interest of the wind turbine industry. It facilitates the extension of knowledge and provides for a platform for information exchange in the field of wind turbine related to instruments, equipments etc. It helps pave the way for the formulation of policies and guidelines by various government and non-government institutions for the speedy realization and growth of wind energy in India. Considered as the mouth piece of the Indian wind turbine industry IWTMA acts as a catalytic agent for the same.

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